Old Projects


Partnership with a German organization to provide intercultural understanding

TIn close collaboration with the Educational Workshop Georgsmarienhütte gGmbH, we launched a pioneering youth program in 2016. This remarkable partnership enabled us to create a hub of learning opportunities. In cooperation with the Methodist Rural Technology Facility, OPSD established a specialized learning space for young artisans. Here, they had the chance to develop and refine their manual skills in metalwork. At the heart of this collaboration was the development of an Eco-friendly Stove. Together with local craftsmen, the German participants designed, built, tested, and upon completion, introduced this stove to the communities around Offinso. This strengthened mutual learning and intercultural cooperation.

However, our collaboration goes beyond the purely practical aspects. We take pride in the fact that the young artisans acquired technical skills and participated in intercultural training. These training sessions allowed participants to expand their craft-related proficiencies and to explore the culture and way of life in Ghana. Furthermore, this intercultural exchange not only broadened their global perspective but also enhanced their interpersonal abilities.

The enthusiasm and dedication invested in this project by both Georgmarienhütte and OPSD have brought about a significant transformation in the lifestyle and future prospects of these young artisans. We take pride in the progress they've made and in the cultural diversity that has been fostered through this collaboration.

Together, we advocate for youth empowerment, educational opportunities, and intercultural exchange to shape a more positive and open-minded world for future generations.